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Beating traffic jams with intelligent video technology

Posted On: 2019-01-24 12:22:58 ; Read: 143 time(s)

Beating traffic jams with intelligent video technology

Across the globe, several urban road networks area unit already saturated. This causes long delays for drivers, increasing frustration and reducing productivity. It conjointly creates major public health risks thanks to poor air quality. Together, the consequences of excessive traffic negatively impact town dwellers’ quality of life and therefore the property of cities. 

According to one study from INRIX, a number one supplier of transport insights, la commuters spent over a hundred hours a year in traffic jams in 2017 – quite the other town within the world. to boot, London traffic jams value drivers the equivalent of £2,430 (USD$3,135) each, adequate quite £9.5 billion (USD$12.3 billion) across the town as a full. [1]

A major headache for town authorities

Needless to mention, traffic becomes a headache for town directors, significantly in cities wherever speedy urbanisation and economic process have light-emitting diode to inflated possession of vehicles. 

To find long-run solutions, town authorities area unit wanting into the basis causes of tie up. In port, the city’s Transport consultative Committee revealed a report distinctive the top-three causes of excessive traffic. These are: “too several vehicles on roads”, “illegal parking”, and “too a lot of road works” – factors that every one contribute heavily to traffic jams in cities worldwide.[2]

How technology will facilitate

In several cities, building new road capability isn't associate degree possibility – either as a result of obtainable area, disruption to economic activities, or monetary fund constraints. In these circumstances, town authorities area unit commencing to look to good technologies to form people’s journeys quicker and safer.

In the portfolio of accessible traffic easing technologies, latest-generation video technology is that the star. specifically, innovations in AI (AI) and deep learning have reworked commonplace video observation with options that alert operators regarding traffic problems in real time. this enables them to require immediate action to stay lanes clear and to stay traffic flowing. 

Three solutions with intelligent video technology for free-flowing cities

Next generation video solutions area unit already serving to town authorities to scale back congestion and deliver major time savings for drivers. 3 examples are: 

Traffic steerage  

This kind of answer uses good cameras put in at intersections to observe and report on time period traffic flow. It works by perpetually observant the flow of traffic lanes, and by reckoning vehicles among outlined areas of the road. knowledge is then sent to traffic internal control centres wherever operators will see the build-up of traffic across the town. 

Critically, this broad read of traffic permits operators to require action in real time to scale back the basis causes of congestion, like misuse of bus lanes or illegal  parking. within the event of a traffic incident, traffic steerage solutions also are nice news for drivers. Congestion data is displayed for them at every intersection, serving to them predict their point and – if delays area unit serious or persistent – to decide on different routes or travel choices. 

While video could be a crucial component of the answer, full integration with third-party systems and algorithms is additionally required. during this means, traffic knowledge may be pictured on town maps and transmitted effectively to the management centre, drivers, emergency services, and others. 

Traffic signal management 

Traffic signal management solutions permit traffic lights to be coordinated to stay traffic flowing as freely as doable. They consume traffic knowledge from traffic steerage systems to know wherever traffic is increase at associate degree intersection. To do this, intelligent traffic cameras count vehicles that cross associate degree intersection additionally as find the length of auto queues at associate degree intersection. They at the same time share the time period knowledge with the light system.

Based on this knowledge, traffic lights may be coordinated mechanically to even out the traffic flow, giving traffic additional or less priority, as needed, by extending or reducing the time obtainable to cross the intersection. This helps to hurry up journeys, reduces drivers’ frustration and eliminates the requirement for manual intervention by traffic police once traffic builds up in one direction.  

Traffic social control 

In several cases, tie up is caused by illegal  or scatterbrained road use, like illegal  parking and use of bus lanes. With traffic social control video solutions like wrong-way driving detection, illegal  U-turns and illegal  parking detection, these sorts of incidents may be known in real time, permitting operators in control centres to alert the authorities in at once. This makes it quicker to react to incidences of illegal  or scatterbrained driving and take away obstacles on urban roads, whereas conjointly holding drivers responsible. 

As well as serving to to scale back tie up, traffic social control video solutions can even facilitate to enhance public safety. they'll be used, as an example, to find drivers United Nations agency run red lights or otherwise drive hazardously, and to require action against them. 

A better future for full cities

With urban traffic management currently topping the agenda for many town authorities, intelligent video technology could be a beacon of hope. By observation traffic in real time, these sorts of solutions permit town authorities to require immediate action to ease bottlenecks – reducing drivers’ frustration, reducing lost productivity and up urban air quality. to boot, time period incident detection helps to enhance overall driving standards, that ultimately reduces the quantity of accidents and saves lives. 

As additional and additional town authorities begin to envision the large worth of latest-generation video solutions for traffic management, adoption is fast. this is often particularly the case wherever cities are able to implement an appropriate restrictive and funding structure to support the implement of those sorts of solutions.

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