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Hikvision ColorVu Cameras – Capture Vivid Chromatic Images in Darkness

Posted On: 2018-06-26 15:06:42 ; Read: 67 time(s)
Hikvision ColorVu Cameras – Capture Vivid Chromatic Images in Darkness

Hikvision ColorVu Camera


Around eleven p.m., police got associate degree emergency decision and hurried to the scene. associate degree assault had happened in a very park. in step with the victim, the wrongdoer appeared like a beggar in ragged garments and smelling of alcohol. The victim was heading home from the park at the time of the incident, once the wrongdoer suddenly ran out of obscurity and attacked her, took her purse, and fled. The police investigated the scene however found no helpful dataregarding the wrongdoeras a result of it happened at nighttimethe protection cameras within the neighborhood couldn'teffectively record any usable footage. once reviewing the police work video, the image was indistinct and choked with visual noise, that is dangerous for detection. 

Neighborhood parks ought to be a peaceful place wherever you'll be able to take an occasion from the hustle and noise of town. However, associate degree urban park at nighttime is usually similar with danger. At night, passersby ought to be watchful to remain safe. though security camera systems have become additional commonplace in urban parks in recent years, there area unit still several security needs that can't nevertheless be met, appreciate high-resolution twilight visionand recording in color. 

Today, to effectively solve this drawback, cameras equipped with Hikvision ColorVu Technology extend and enhance police work capabilities into the dark, lifting the duvet of night to capture vivid chromatic pictures – resulting in the prosecution of criminals just like the one delineate higher than and ultimately enhancing safety. 


As a video police work manufacturer, Hikvision has long developed product equipped with innovative new options supportedvideo police work technologies that are refined and improved over previous decades. 

Hikvision ColorVu Cameras’ powerful ability to capture details in low lighting comes from 2 specific breakthroughs in hardware technologies: advanced lenses and high-sensitivity sensors. In distinction to traditional lenses, ColorVu lenses area unitequipped with a super-aperture, reaching up to F1.0, that permits additional light-weight to enter the lens in order thatimaging brightness may be enlarged.

Hikvision ColorVu camera  aperture

Hikvision ColorVu Camera lenses conjointly feature Broad-Band Anti-Reflection (BBAR) Coating and Extra-Low Dispersion (ED) glassto cut back lightweight flare ANwith efficiency reproduce an image’s sharpness and color saturation. These technologies effectively overcome the sort of key info that gets blocked by a lightweight flare. 

Hikvision ColorVu cameras

Hikvision ColorVu cameras

The ColorVu Cameras’ high-sensitivity is intended for police work applications wherever high resolution color pictures arneeded even in ultra-low lightweight environments. Hikvision ColorVu Cameras sensors demonstrate a rare electrical phenomenon conversion potency. They use a complicated detector technology – a replacement light-collection structure that immensely improves the use of sunshine. Tests show ColorVu cameras regularly offer colourful, sharp pictures right all the way down to very cheap lightweight levels. At identical time, their self-adapting 3D DNR formula on ISP guarantees high imaging quality. 

In addition, extreme lightweight conditions ar taken into thought within the style method. ColorVu cameras ar equipped with heat supplemental lightweightthus 

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