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CCTV Video Surveillance Systems Market 2014-2024

Posted On: 2018-05-17 10:25:04 ; Read: 43 time(s)

Surveillance technologies now consistently feature as an essential component of every national government's effort to deter criminal activity and investigate those offences that do occur, in addition to playing an important role in the development of an effective homeland security posture. Additionally, they also provide private consumers with an effective, and relatively inexpensive, means of ensuring operational efficiency and reducing shrinkage. Accordingly, CCTV products can now be found in a wide range of market verticals, from retail and gaming through to airports, ports, prisons, and governmental. Funding to secure the latter has always guaranteed a certain level of expenditure on CCTV products, especially in security conscious countries such as the United StatesIsrael, and China, yet with the tentative recovery of the global economy a resurgent private sector is anticipated to enable spending to reach $23.3bn in 2014. Indeed, with consumer consumption picking up in previously depressed markets, and with huge investments being made in infrastructure around the world, the demand for CCTV products is only set to increase as products continue to offer more and more capabilities, and prices continue to tumble.

   source taken from cision news

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